What is hardscaping?

“What is hardscaping?”

“On those home and garden television shows, I keep hearing about ‘hardscaping’. What exactly is hardscaping and how does it help improve my garden and yard? I thought landscaping was mostly about plants…”

In simple terms, hardscaping is all about the “hard” surfaces or objects found in your yard or garden.

Hardscaping project usually use natural elements such as ornamental boulders, stone walkways or steps, gravel pathways and drives, or stone patios and rock terraces.

Hardscaping can also include other features and structures like:

  • Yard art/garden sculptures,
  • Planting beds or containers,
  • Water fountains, waterfalls, and other features,
  • Outdoor lighting for your garden, yard or home,
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Retaining walls,
  • Brick or paved walkways.

Hardscaping not only improves the overall visual appeal and appearance of your home or property but it also performs a crucial function by “creating a transition between a homes’s interior and exterior”.

Hardscaping can also increase the size and comfort of your outdoor living space through the use of patios, terraces, paths and walkways.

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