What is greenscaping?

What is greenscaping?

“What is greenscaping?”

“What is green landscaping and does it really help the environment?”

Greenscaping encompasses a set of landscaping practices that can improve the health and appearance of your lawn and garden while protecting and preserving natural resources.”

In simple terms, greenscaping is an “environmentally beneficial” type of landscaping.

Greenscaping is all about creating natural environments and outdoor spaces that are more animal friendly, especially to birds, butterflies and bees.

Unfortunately the use of costly and environmentally unfriendly landscaping practices can be seen everywhere.

Many times while a yard or garden can look impressive, due to its design, it can incur high maintenance fees over the long run.

Greenscaping on the other hand is designed to help preserve the natural resources on your property as well as prevent harmful erosion and water pollution.

Not to mention greenscaping can save you a lot of money just by reducing expensive landscape maintenance fees.

This means just by making some simple changes to your landscape — and turning it into a more natural “greenscape” — you can not only save money, but you can do your part to protect the environment plus increase the value of your home or property!

For example, here at Mountain View Landscaping & Design, we create greenscapes by:

Planting native North Carolina trees, shrubs and other varieties of plants such as wildflowers, berry bushes and fruit trees that create natural shelters — for beneficial animals like song birds and honey bees.

Selecting locally-grown shrubs and trees that flower and bloom at different times during times, so that there is always a source  of food available for native and/or migrating animals — as well as being a source of year-round beauty for your yard or garden.

Increasing the use of permeable hardscape materials — like dry-laid pavers, grass/lawns, and mulched planting beds and borders — wherever feasible to minimize rainwater runoff and stop soil erosion.

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