Landscape Stone & Decorative Gravel

Landscape Stone & Decorative Gravel

We offer Stone & Gravel for your Landscape Beds, Walkways, or Excavation Projects.   The combination of our Stone & Gravel has proven valuable to many of our customers. Eliminate the hassles of tracking down and scheduling two different companies.  We handle it all!  No Sub-contractors needed!  Licensed and Green Certified Company!

Types of Stone/Gravel/Boulders Used:

Riverstone (multi-color)
3/4″-1 1/2″(walkway/landscape bed)
1/2″-3/4″ (walkway/landscape bed)
2″ – 5″ (walkway/landscape bed/drain basin)
6″ – 14″ (dry stream bed/landscape bed)


  • RiverRock.5_to_.75Road Bond (Perfect for driveways/base layers)
  • 3/4 Wash Stone (clean 3/4″ stone perfect for driveways or walkways)
  • Pee Gravel (A smaller version of the above 3/4″ stone often used in walkways)
  • Rip Rap (Large stone usually 4″-12″ often used as base layer or in drainage ditches)
  • Fill Dirt (your typical soil usually excavate locally & used for filling in large areas)
  • Top Soil (High Quality/High nutrient soil used for amending existing soil or plantings.
  • Landscape Boulders (Large stones that range in color form a granite grey to orange & many options in between. Size may vary from 1′ to 6′ & larger)
  • Stone Slab (These come in many different sizes & colors ranging from 36″ wide to 10′ wide & any color your normal stone is available in. We use these to create steps in the landscape while keeping a natural feel)

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