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Professional Snow Removal Services

Nothing stops Old Man Winter…

… And he often doesn’t choose the most pleasant methods to get your attention – take a moment to take a good look the white vehicle laying sideways behind our BOSS snow removal truck!

Mountain winters can be troublesome for both businesses and home owners, as people try to keep their private roadways and lots safe.

Below are 3 good reasons why you should seriously consider hiring us as your professional snow removal.

The safety of business employees and patrons is obvious. Slippery conditions can cause falls and injuries. No one wants to see someone hurt, especially from something that could be avoided. Besides the injury, a lawsuit could follow and cost your business a lot in time and money to defend yourself.

Now as a home owner you might be thinking falls and injuries are a minor problem, but it only takes one hard winter here in WNC for you understand that you can’t always depend on your back, the country or the state to keep the entrance and road to your home safe and clear. And nothing is more frightening then knowing you are snowed in during a possible emergency.

Sure, you could have your good buddy or kindly kid next door to do some snow plowing for you. But will it be done right? Now you have consider the potential damage to your road or lot that an untrained and uninsured snow plow operator might do.

A professional snow removal company understands how to maintain and preserve any asphalt surface and roadbeds not to mention is a lot less likely to damage snow covered structures with the plow’s blade.


You’ll have to decide for yourself, but we’re convinced that using us as your snow removal service is the smart and economical choice.  Depending on your needs, you can choose to use our snow removal service only when you’re having serious, snow-related problems or you can contract to help on a seasonal plan to save more.

Whatever plan you choose, be sure call us when you need help. Multiple snowfalls and ice storms can create very unsafe conditions that become harder to fix as the weather gets worse.

Mountain View Landscaping & Design Snow Removal Services

We are available for both commercial and residential properties. We’ll remove snow from parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and entire housing developments.

We buy Ice Melt in bulk so we’re always prepared when winter weather hits.

Mountain View Landscaping & Design is your Western North Carolina snow removal resource.

Some of our Equipment includes:

  • Truck Plows
  • Truck Spreaders
  • Snow Blowers
  • Tractor Pusher Plow
  • Push Spreaders

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