Retaining Walls, Steps & Slope Erosion Control

Retaining Walls: Landscapes that Last by a Licensed NC Contractor

Retaining Walls

Walls and steps are two great features to consider when designing your outdoor space.

They can help make a grand entrance to your property, or partition a garden or yard into more usable areas to enjoy.

Landscape design here in Western North Carolina often employs the use of retaining walls because of their ability to hold back soil with a drastic change in elevation.

Retaining walls can easily turn an unusable, mountain-side slope into a lovely flat area for entertaining or gardening.

Benefits of Using Retaining Walls:

Excellent solution to mountain soil erosion. Walls can be built in areas where silt and soil has the potential of being washed away & can solve a number of drainage issues.

They can be used to create raised beds so that garden plots are easier to install. Our special “Cornerstone Wall Gardens” are practically no maintenance and can provide a terraced look for your property.

The perfect solution to creating a more functional yard when you have property that is largely unusable because of a steep slope.

Require very little maintenance and are extremely durable.

Creates a visually appealing and long-lasting landscaping feature.

NOTE: in North Carolina engineering is required on all walls over 4 feet. Additional charges apply for local & county permits as well as for engineering plans.

Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. has more than two decades of experience building retaining walls and steps.

As a licensed NC landscape contractor, we always use the best quality materials and engineered blueprints to plan and construct all of our major step and wall projects.

Our retaining walls and steps are designed in a timeless manner in order to age with your property.

There are several different options for steps and retaining walls  for your outdoor space…

Retaining Walls - boundary wallsProperty boundary walls

Feature walls

Decorative walls

Walled terraces


Slope Erosion Control


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