Retaining Wall Contractor

retaining wall contractor

Retaining Wall Contractors

Do you have a structure that you need to hold or retain soil behind? Maybe you need a more functional yard?

Landscape design in Western North Carolina often employs the use of retaining walls because of their ability to hold back soil with a drastic change in elevation.  This design feature can turn an unusable slope into a lovely flat yard.   Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. has more than 2 decades of experience with retaining walls.

Benefits of Retaining Wall Installation:

  • Excellent solution to soil erosion as well.  Walls can be built in areas where silt has the potential of being washed away & can solve a number of drainage issues.
  • Serve well in gardening.  They can be used to create raised beds so that garden plots are easier to install, our Cornerstone Walls are practically no maintenance and can provide a terraced look for your property.
  • Could be the perfect solution to creating a visually appealing, functional yard when you have property that is largely unusable because of a steep slope.
  • Require very little maintenance and are extremely durable.
  • Create a long-lasting landscaping feature.

Mountain View Landscaping & Design. Inc. uses the following elements to create retaining walls:

  • Cornerstone Block Walls
  • Treaded 6 X 6
  • Treated 4 x 4 (Planter Beds)
  • Redi-Rock

* Engineering required on walls over 4′
* Additional charges apply for local & county permits as well as engineering

Cornerstone Block Walls

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