Mulching & Pine Needles

Mulch vs. No Mulch

Mulching & Pine Needles

Mulch is both lovely and practical. The benefits of this landscaping product include moisture retention, reduced soil temperature and limited weed growth. Studies have been done comparing landscapes using mulch to those with bare soil.  In mulched yards, moisture percentages were almost double those of bare soil.  Temperatures taken during the summer showed an 8 to 13 degree reduction when mulch was used.  Mulching reduces time spent weeding by almost 75%. Certain plants require you to keep the mulch off of them for their health while others at times require complete coverage.

We offer mulch installation service sold on site or delivered and spread on your property.  Choice from the following mulch options:

  • Double or Single Ground Hardwood – most common, long lasting organic product
  • Double or Single Ground Pine – Good all around organic product, low pest problems & low acidity
  • Double Ground Red Oak (extra fee will apply) A higher quality organic product, requires frequent refreshing
  • Cypress (extra fee will apply) – Also a high quality organic product with low pest problems & a lovely aromatic scent.
  • Colored Mulch (red, black, brown) (extra fee will apply) – a recycled product dyed to fit your wants & needs.
  • Long Leaf Pine Needles – Highest quality pine needles, perfect for steep areas.
  • New Install requires up to 4″ while refreshing of existing landscapes only requires 1″-2″
  • Existing weed control & pre-emergent weed control to treat with at time of mulching.

* If you know your site size we can figure your yardage & price without even setting foot onsite.


  • Mushroom Compost – makes a wonderful soil conditioner when an alkaline component is needed.
  • Natural Compost – made up of clippings, leaves & other organic matter perfect for a top dressing or soil amendment.


  • This is a screened high quality material, it has a high concentration of organic material perfect for amending soil & planting in your landscape.

Mulch Installaers

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