Leaf & Debris Removal Services

Leaf Removal Services | Mountain View Landscaping

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscaping.  Western North Carolina is famous for our variety of trees and the colorful display they put on during autumn.  Waynesville has even been named “Tree City USA” 8 years now! Unfortunately, after leaves change, they fall all over roads, sidewalks, yards, & landscapes.  Leaves left on sidewalk become slippery and dangerous.  If left on your yard, leaves smother grass and create a barrier.  Unless leaves are removed a leaf mat traps moisture, inhibits sunlight causing discoloring and creates a welcoming home for disease and fungus.  Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. offers leaf removal services to take the headache out of keeping your lawn free of leaves.  Our leaf removal services can be conveniently bundled with our maintenance contracts.

The material we gather from your property does not go to waste.  It is shredded by our debris loader, then taken back & composted with other organic material to form an organic soil conditioner. Leaves left in the landscape have been viewed as a benefit, when in actuality they do more harm than good causing disease such as “root rot” or fungus growth.  This misconception comes from the ideas of compost lawn waste and spreading in the landscape as mulch.  Large amounts of debris are anything but good for your landscape.


– Residential – clearing of your lawn & landscape including haul away when needed.
– Commercial – clearing of large acreage as well as road side maintenance.

Contact Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. for onsite leaf removal consult.  We’ll haul away any leaves and debris on your property with our debris loader, haul away of debris is fast and easy.

Leaf Removal Services