Leaf & Debris Removal

“Tired of dealing with the hassles & headaches of raking, bagging then getting rid of your fall leaves & yard debris?”

Leaf Removal Service,  Waynesville NC

Trees are a beautiful and valuable addition to any landscape. They can provide you and your family with cool shady spots, wind & sun screens and wonderful play areas.

Western North Carolina is famous for our variety of trees and for the colorful display they put on during the fall season.

In fact, Waynesville NC has been named “Tree City USA” for 8 years.

Fallen Leaf Problems

But during autumn as the leaves change, they naturally fall and cover roads, driveways, sidewalks, yards, and gardens.

Unfortunately, fallen leaves left covering roadways and sidewalks will become a slippery and dangerous hazard – for both cars and people.

In the past, leaves left on your landscape have been viewed as a benefit, when in actuality they do more harm than good.

When left to decompose in your yard or garden, leaves will smother your grass and plants by creating a thick barrier or mat.

Unless these leaf mats are removed, they will trap in moisture and inhibit sunlight, which creates a perfect environment for plant diseases such as “root rot” and fungus growth.

This misconception of “skip the rake, leave the leaves” comes from the idea of composting lawn waste and spreading in the landscape as mulch. But large amounts of leaves and debris just piled around are anything but good for your landscape.

The leaves and material we gather from your property does not go to waste. First, it is shredded by our debris loader, then taken back & composted with other natural materials to form an organic soil conditioner. Then it can used to help keep landscapes healthy.

Fall Berry Problems

Shrubs with berries are very attractive while the fruit is still on their branches.

However, once berries have fallen on your patio or walkways, they can make quite a mess – creating a slippery, ugly stain when stepped on.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to berries and other soft fruit because over time, ground-in stains can actually reduce your property’s curl appeal and possible re-sale value.

Our maintenance crews will remove any fallen berries from your walkways, patio and driveways before they can cause your problems. We can also take care of  fallen sticks, pine cones, and any other wind-blown trash during our visits.

Mountain View Landscaping & Design offers leaf removal services to take the headaches (and hassles) out of keeping your lawn or garden free of leaves and yard debris.

Leaf Removal Service - leaf-debris-clean-up

Mountain View Landscaping & Design Leaf & Debris Removal Services:

Residential – clearing of your lawn & landscape including a haul-away service when needed.

Commercial – clearing of large acreage as well as road side maintenance.

NOTE: Our leaf and yard debris removal services can also be conveniently bundled with one of our affordable maintenance contracts.



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