Landscaping News & Tips

Do you charge for estimates?

“Do you give free estimates or do you charge?” We are always willing to listen to your landscaping problems, challenges or concerns and to offer thoughtful advice and recommendations to help you – at no-charge either over the phone or by email. And if you need additional help, we can schedule a ‘site walkthrough’ for […]

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Is your business insured?

“Is your business insured?” Yes! Actually Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. has insurance coverage that goes beyond the minimum state requirements. In general, we are covered for: Worker’s Compensation which means you are never held responsible if (God forbid) someone is hurt or injured during work on your project; General Liability which means you […]

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What is a landscape contractor?

“What is a landscape contractor?” You might be wondering what is a landscape contractor and what does it take to become one? The State of North Carolina considers a company eligible to become a contractor if they: Perform professional landscape services like installing, planting, repairing, and managing gardens, lawns, decorative vegetation, etc. Offer horticulture consultations […]

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