Landscaping Design

Landscaping Designs for Beauty, Comfort & Value

Landscaping Design

Landscaping design is more than just selecting which plants to use to beautify our homes and workplaces.

Good landscape design is both an art and a science.

How the Landscaping Design Process Works

Our landscaping design begins with an on-site needs assessment – where we do a “walk-about” of your grounds and land.

This important because as we walk your property with you, we can discover how your property is contoured and situated.

And most importantly during our walk together, we will gather a detailed list of the yard and/or garden features you want and desire… before we begin the design process.

Next, we will use a blueprint of your home to create a draft landscape plan using graphics and design software.

This plan will include both the hardscape (nonliving and/or man-made features) and the greenscape (the plants and/or organic materials) as they will be installed around your property.

Here at Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. ,we offer landscaping designs in two formats: CAD line drawings and 3D interactive designs.

CAD Landscape Designs

Our traditional, full-color CAD line drawings (like the one above) helps us create stunning, accurate site plans and designs for you in the shortest time possible.

CAD line drawings are also wonderful for you because they allow you to view your landscaping project as it would look when it is completed.

With a CAD drawing, you can easily see the anticipated results, ask us questions, provide feedback and request modifications.

This “see it before we install it” process saves you time and money and creates a seamless procedure from our initial consultation to the design to the installation.


3D Landscape Designs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much greater is the value of a three-dimensional model (similar to the one above)?

Our 3D designs use the best design software to create a detailed 360 view of your dream landscape to help you visualize your project in a life-like, full-color format.

With this state of the art design software:

  • We’re able to create a complete 3D tour of your finished yard, garden or landscape project.
  • We can use this software to quickly create, modify, analyse, or fully customize your design.
  • We can include real-life elements. Our 3D design process begins with digital photos taken of your current home and landscape. then we’re able to integrate these images into your design to give you more realistic elements.
  • Our 3D designs are fully interactive, which means the software allows you to view your proposed project from several vantage points, including the seasons of the year, time of day & even 10, 20 years down the road.

Our landscape designers have the know-how, experience and the technology to make your landscape dreams a reality.

And we always take care of our clients. We do not simply design it, install it and then leave you hanging.

We can help you maintain your landscape from the initial watering program, to long term fertilizing, trimming, pest and disease management, & re-mulching.

Get the landscape you have always dreamed of – while increasing the beauty and value of your property – with a professionally done landscaping design from Mountain View Landscaping & Design.


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