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“Do You Love the Dark, Rich Color of Good Mulch?”

Mulch is both a lovely and a practical addition to your yard or garden.

But mulch isn’t just a pretty covering to “dress up” your landscape…

…Did you know, that studies have been done comparing landscapes using mulch to those with just bare topsoil?

And that gardens and yards using mulch came out the clear winners?

The Benefits of Using Landscaping Mulch

Beside offering a charming touch of color to bare plant beds, mulch is known for:

  • Its ability to retain moisture
  • Reduce soil temperature extremes
  • Limit the growth of weeds and slow soil erosion

In mulched yards or garden, moisture retention were almost double those of bare soil

…And that means you won’t have water as often, saving you a lot of work struggling with heavy water hoses and sprinklers.

Not to mention the money you will save on utility bills if you use city or town water.

Well-mulched planting beds also showed an 8 to 13 degree decrease in temperatures during the hottest summer months.

This means your plants, flowers and shrubs are not as stressed and will stay healthy and greener longer during hot, dry spells.

And mulching studies prove that you will spent less time weeding. Mulching cuts back on weeding by almost 75%.

So as you can see using a good quality mulch can increase not only the visual appeal of your yard but also saves you time and money.

However, all plants have different mulching needs.

Certain plants require that you to keep mulch off of them for their best health, while others at times require complete coverage.

This where Mountain View Landscaping can help.

Mulch Services: We Deliver & Install

MtnView Landscaping Mulch Truck

We offer both a bulk mulch delivery and a professional mulch installation service.

Our bulk mulch delivery service can bring the mulch of your choice, directly to your home or office building – all ready to go.

And if you know your site size, we can easily figure out your yardage and pricing – without us even setting foot on your property!

Or if you prefer, we can help you determine the type of mulch you need, the best coverage plan for your site (depending on your plants and landscape).

Then we can have one of our trained crews to come do all the heavy lifting of spreading it for you.

Our one-stop mulch service gets the job done right — without you worrying about hiring someone else or having the hassle of doing it yourself.

Not to mention as an added value, every time you order a mulch installation or replenishment from us, we will apply a weed control and prevention treatment before we apply the mulch.

We offer the following mulch options:

  • Double or Single Ground Hardwood Bark – this is our most popular, long lasting organic mulch. It has a dark, rich color and is made from the shredded bark of area hardwood trees. This mulch compacts over time and resists blow-away which makes it ideal for most WNC landscape beds.
  • Double or Single Ground Pine Bark – This is also good all around organic product, with low pest problems and great for acid-loving plants such as roses, azaleas, and rhododendrons. Pine mulch also holds its color for good a long time.
  • Double Ground Red Oak Mulch – This a higher quality organic mulch and requires frequent refreshing and replenishment (extra fees will apply).
  • Cypress Mulch – This is another high quality organic mulch with very low pest problems and is known for its lovely aromatic scent (extra fees will apply).
  • Colored Mulch (red, black, brown) – This is an excellent choice for property owners who want to add some vibrant colors to their landscape.

These mulches make pleasing backdrops for your planting beds and they can make the colors of your plants and foliage really pop. Colored mulches are a dyed recycled product. (The dyes used in our mulches are environmentally safe for plants, people, and pets!)

  • Long Leaf Pine Needles – These are the highest quality pine needles, thickest, and colorful. As one of the most durable needles they are perfect for steep areas found here in WNC.

COVERAGE GUIDELINES: 1 cubic yard covers an area approximately 162-147 square feet to a recommended depth of 2 inches.

A new installation of mulch requires up to 4 inches while refreshing an existing landscape only requires 1-2 inches every 12 months.

If you are unsure as to how much mulch you need, we invite you to call us at (828) 734-8643 for a free, no charge quote.


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