Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance

12 Month Maintenance Contracts

  • Take all the stress out of maintaining your landscape with a 12 month maintenance contract, perfect for your seasonal home or busy schedule.
  • Our maintenance programs are available for commercial or residential clients & any number of services to meet all your maintenance needs with one easy monthly payment.
  • We will be happy to come out for an on site consult, we will address any needs you have & make our recommendations on how to best maintain your property.  Your consultant will then take time in our office to prepare you a formal proposal with all the services broke down as well as the proposes payment plan.  Discounts are available on many of our maintenance plans so you can save money & time without the stress of maintaining your property.
  • Each contract has a consultant that will oversee the maintenance & advise you of any further work that may be required.

Seasonal Planting

  • Seasonal plantings are one of the most effective ways to increase the aesthetic value of a landscape or modify your existing landscape to benefit form the addition of seasonal color.
  • Seasonal plantings can be changed out periodically maintaining color all year long.
  • Contact us today for a free consult for a new landscape or simply improve your existing one, once installed we can contract the rotation of your personal seasonal plantings.

Mulching & Pine Need Services

  • Mulch is a must in the landscape not only will it change the visual appearance, but it reduces weed growth, improves the fertility and health of the soil through decomposition, assists in retaining moisture for plantings, & can protect many plantings through the harsh winter months.
  • We offer many types of mulch in organic form as well and man made
  • As a general rule we recommend refreshing your landscape 1-2X per year, not only will this keep the landscape looking beautiful but will replace the mulch that has decomposed providing nutrients for the landscape.

Fertilizing Programs

  • Allow Mountainview Landscaping & Design, Inc. to take care of your lawn needs with our fertilizing program, you won’t be able to help but notice the difference in your full lawn.
  • Our fertilizer program includes an assessment of the site & soil analysis, advising you on the best fertilizer for your specific landscape and applying your fertilizer to keep your landscape looking its’ best.
  • Once you combine our fertilizing program with our regularly scheduled lawn care your lawn & landscape will be looking its best.
  • A major part of our fertilizing program combined with our regularly scheduled lawn care is the crucial practice of Grasscycling .  There are many pieces to Grasscycling including our professional well maintained equipment properly setup to mulch & return clippings to the the earth coupled along with well-trained team members who understand the importance of this process.
  • Core Aeration along with the fertilizing program will allow the soil to open up & accept the fertilizer at the root level.
  • Timing is everything for fertilizing, overseeding and the core aeration process, we recommend at least 3 applications of your base level fertilizer 1st Spring, 2nd Late Summer, 3rd Fall.

– Spring treatment preps your warm season grass for summer
– Summer treatment helps with weed control drought resistance.
– Fall treatment preps your cool season grass for winter.
This along with our Aeration & Overseeding Program will have your lawn looking its best!

Weed Control

  • Weed Control in the lawn & landscape can seem like a full time job in itself, but with our licensed team & quality products we can make it non existent.
  • The Weed Control Program is made up of many precisely timed steps.
  • This will include parts of our fertilizing program to keep a full lawn & turf not leaving room for weeds to grown into the lawn.
  • Proper mulching with our Mulching Program will keep a sufficient layer of material on the landscape will reduce weed growth by up to 75%
  • “Pre Emergent” herbicides can be applied early & prevent weed growth early on leaving minimal work to be done.
  • “Systemic” spot spraying allows us to control what needs may be left, combined with manual removal you will never know you even had weeds.
  • No worries about safety for humans or animals because all of our products have a very short re-entry time.  Once the product is dry or watered-in you are safe to enjoy your landscape as usual.
  • Contact us to take care of all your weed problems.

Lawn Care

  • Core Aeration – Reduces soil compaction & thatch by removing “plugs’ or “cores” allowing oxygen, water & nutrients to flow freely to the root system.  We recommend overseeding with core aeration.
  • Overseeding – Is the process of planting grass seed directly into the existing turf, without tearing up the existing lawn.  Overseeding is the best way to fill in bare spots & improve the density & color of the lawn.  We recommend overseeding with Core Aeration.
  • Fertilizing – normal fertilizing with our quality products will help keep your lawn healthy & lush.
  • Broad leaf herbicide – we take this step to clear out the growth of unwanted weeds such as clover, spurge, ragweed, buttercup & much more.
  • Scheduled lawn care – with this we put your property on our schedule & it will be visited either every week, every 2 weeks, etc. at which point our team will mow, trim, edge, & blow off drives & walkways.
  • Leaf Removal – combining leaf removal with your maintenance contract will guarantee your property will be be cleared of debris come fall of the year.  We usually will make multiple trips on the contract so that the property is never overwhelmed with debris.

– Leaves left in the landscape & on the lawn can cause damage such as “root rot”, discoloration of turf from lack of sun light & a higher than normal moisture content.
– Leaves left on the lawn & in the landscape can also cause fungus growth & disease transfer from the host plant. Heavy leaf & debris build up can smother the turf & prevent much needed nutrients from reaching the roots.

Hedge Trimming/Seasonal Pruning

Pruning & trimming in the landscape is a must as it enhances the beauty of almost any tree or shrub when done properly.  Proper pruning is like any other skill, it requires the experience & know how to be beneficial, while improper pruning can cause more harm than good.  Proper pruning improves the health of the planting & reduces the likelihood of infection or disease.

Reasons why we trim & prune plantings:

  • To restrict growth of plant in the landscape
  • To improve the quality of flowers, fruit, etc, as same as shrubs flowers & trees.  Require trimming to bloom or bear fruit.
  • Plants may also be trimmed so as to be trained to grow in a certain way.  I.E. Specimen Plants
  • “Dead Heading” is the practice of removing flower heads as they fade out leaving only healthy vibrant flowers.  When contracted with us our team members will be able to maintain this at each visit.
  • Many trees & shrubs are intended to be a screen or hedge but when they are first installed stand as individual plants, proper trimming and pruning is how we turn them into what you desire.
  • Every  tree & shrub is different & requires different care, while some are best trimmed early spring others late fall.  Some plants allow for aggressive trimming & others only withstand light trimming of new growth.

Our Hedge Trimming & Seasonal Pruning Services are offered individually or contracted with our Maintenance Contracts.  Either way you know you will be in good hands with our well trained team members & a company that is licensed and insured.