Landscape Installation Services

Landscape Installation & Design

Landscape Installation Services

Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. offers landscape installation services including installation of plantings, mulch, soil amendments & hardscapes. Our over 20 years of experience allows us to offer you the best advice on how to install your chosen landscape products.


Many factors must be considered when choosing what plantings to include in your landscape, beyond simply choosing the plants you find to be the most attractive. Some factors to consider are:

  • climate
  • the amount of time you want to devote to maintenance
  • the conditions of your yard (shade, full sun, exposure, etc)
  • budget
  • the aesthetics you want to achieve

Energy Saving – We can also offer you an energy saving landscape that is completely green & can save you up to 25% Landscape in energy costs, while adding 10-15% to your homes value.

We offer a wide array of plantings to choose from including seasonal color and B&B Trees.

We are constantly in continued education to stay up to date to provide you with only the best.


Mulch is a wonderful solution for many different landscaping needs.  Mulch is not only for aesthetics its a must in the landscape, it provides protection for plantings as well as nourishment as it degrades and returns back to the soil.  There are many colors and types to choose from

  • Double or Single Ground Hardwood
  • Double or Single Ground Pine
  • Double Ground Red Oak
  • Cypress
  • Colored Mulch (red, black, brown)
  • Long Leaf Pine Needles
  • New Install and refreshing of existing landscapes
  • Existing weed control & pre-emergent weed control


The term “topsoil” refers to the top layer of soil and may be 5 to 12 inches deep. Good topsoil
is vital for a healthy landscape and can be used for topdressing a lawn or planting.

Many landscapes may require amending which point, we may either till-in nutrient rich topsoil or excavate a much larger area than needed for planting; then plant back with nutrient rich soil.

Landscape Installation Services