Landscape Designers vs. Landscape Architects?

landscape architecture model

“Landscape Designers vs. Landscape Architects?”

“What is the difference between a landscape designer like you and a landscape architect?”

Well this is one of those questions where the answer might seem a bit vague…but let’s give it a go.

A landscape architect can provide you with a very complex landscape design and installation plan. They provide what most people think of as “panorama architectural amenities”.

Basically they design landscapes for very large private estates, residential communities or urban parks. Think of a Biltmore House or something like Central Park in downtown Manhattan.

In fact, NYC’s Central Park AND Biltmore Estate’s grounds were both designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture. Biltmore Estate with its sprawling 8,000-acre grounds was Olmsted’s last and largest landscaping project.

Okay, if you don’t happen to own a massive private estate or need to build a huge urban park; you might still need help but on a much smaller scale.

This is where a landscaper designer can help you.

A landscape designer, like the ones here at MVLD, is someone that generally does work with:

  • Designing and analyzing local landscapes,
  • Selecting and installing plants (‘greenscaping’),
  • Adding organic elements such as mulch for protection,
  • Placing ornamental boulders and rocks (‘hardscaping’)
  • Building structures such as fire pits, patios, retaining walls, steps, walkways, paths and water feature.

A professional landscape designer can not only make your outdoor living spaces more serviceable and comfortable but we can add to your home’s value over time.

If you would like to discuss your next landscaping project or get a free garden consultation, we invite you to > contact us here. 

After all, we don’t think having a top-notch landscaping design has hurt Biltmore Estate yet.