Is your business insured?

Is your business insured?

Yes! Actually Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. has insurance coverage that goes beyond the minimum state requirements.

In general, we are covered for:

  • Worker’s Compensation which means you are never held responsible if (God forbid) someone is hurt or injured during work on your project;
  • General Liability which means you are protected when it comes to accidental property damage to your home or business;
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance for all our trucks, trailers and construction equipment.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, about 40 percent of all US small businesses have no insurance at all.

This means that if you have hire an unlicensed landscaper who is not properly covered by Workers’ Comp or has a property damage policy, something as simple as a fall on your property can lead to a disaster.

You could be sued by an injured worker for medical and disability costs, plus damages. Why take the risk?

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