How long do landscaping projects take to finish?”

how long do landscaping projects take
In the middle of a landscaping project

“How long does it take to complete a landscaping project?”

“I would like to know how long it takes to complete a project from design through installation…”

Well that depends because every landscape and every project is different.

We have done small jobs that can take only a few hours to complete (after we finish the design process), or we have had larger projects that can take up to 30 days or longer.

The length of time it takes depends a lot on the complexity or size of the landscape project itself:

Is it a simple installation job that we can quickly sketch out or does it require a detailed design with CAD drawing or an interactive 3D computer rendering?

  • What kinds of plants or hardscaping features do you want?
  • Is it a big project that requires engineered blueprints?
  • Do we have to apply for local construction permits?
  • Do we have to order building supplies and materials?
  • Do we need to rent specialized equipment?
  • Does the project require extensive land grading or deep digging?
  • Does it require tree or brush removal?
  • What time of year can we start the project?

And finally, any changes we may have to make during the construction or installation of your landscape project due to unforeseen problems.

Yes, this seems like a lot to think and worry about but that is why you hire professionals like us, so we can do all the heavy lifting for you.

We strive hard to complete all projects in an efficient and timely manner – without going over your budget.

Now this doesn’t mean our landscape design process is lengthy. In fact, most of our clients are actually very surprised that the planning and design process didn’t take as long as they had thought.

We can get designs done in a a reasonable period of time, depending on on our current project schedule.

Work in Progress Photos

We can offer you a wide range of landscaping services including design, lawn & garden maintenance as well as stonework, patios, walkways, terraces and retaining walls. Below are just a few of our signature projects.

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