Grading & Excavation Services

Landscape Grading & Excavation Services, Waynesville NC

Grading Work

Rough grading is the first step toward developing a beautiful landscape or garden.

Creating the proper grade (angle of the land) and drainage is critical to prevent water damage to your home and property.

Our experienced grading operators properly shape and form the soil so that it drains away excess water from the places it doesn’t need to be and directs it towards places where it can do the most good for your landscape.

If your project requires additional top soil or fill dirt or gravel, we supply you with just the right materials for the best results.

Landscape Grading

As a licensed NC landscape contractor, we take extra care to make sure that all our grade work is done right and meets local construction codes.

The Finish Grade is critical because it provides the final shaping and prepares the landscaping bed or sod base for planting and installation.

Before any landscaping can begin, the slope of the of the planting beds must be set within 1” of the final grade, and proper drainage established.

Our finish grading equipment is designed to remove any extra rocks or debris from the landscape bed while pulverizing the soil, creating a smooth, uniform finish. We take great pride in achieving the best finish grade possible.

When the grading around a house or landscape is not done properly, serious drainage problems can occur.


Improper drainage can cause flooding onto patios, walkways, road ditches; and also cause standing water in your yard, eventually destroying your lawn or seeping around your foundation into your house.

We can correct most drainage problems in already established yards or in new landscaping sites.

Slope Erosion Control

A slope in your yard or landscape can separate your home from a busy road or street and can provide you will additional privacy and quiet.

But eventually any slope that has not been properly maintained and cared become very difficult (and even dangerous) to mow.


And even the best graded slope will over time become susceptible to soil erosion and damaging runoff.

Drainage solutions are another service we can supply. As we mentioned before, many common landscaping issues start with a drainage problem.

Without proper drainage, water collection can undermine structures and cause expensive plants to have “root rot” & die. Improper drainage solutions can be the most significant threat to landscaping due to the potential for damage.

Our landscapes are all designed with drainage in mind so that you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Our Grading Services

  • Rough Grade
  • Final Grade
  • Driveway/Road Grading
  • Drainage Solutions – French Drains
  • Footer Excavation
  • Drainage culvert repair/replacement

Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. offer a variety of grading, soil erosion and drainage solutions to help you maximize and maintain your property’s value.

No Subcontractors Needed – We can handle the entire job. We are a Licensed NC Landscape Contractor and Certified Green Landscaping Company.


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