Excavation Services

Excavation Services

Excavation Services & Grading Services

Look no further for your property enhancement needs.  Mountain View Landscaping & Design, Inc. is your local excavation contractor.  We offer grading and drainage solutions to help you maximize your property and keep it healthy.

No Subcontractors Needed!  We handle the entire job!  We are Licensed Landscape Contractor and Certified Green Company!  Energy Saving Landscape.

With over 20 years’ experience working with Western North Carolina terrain, we are a skilled resource for grading and excavating your landscaping.

Drainage solutions are another service our excavation contractors supply. Many common landscaping issues start with a drainage problem.   Without proper drainage, water collection can undermine structures and cause expensive plants to have “root rot” & die. Improper drainage solutions can be the most significant threat to landscaping due to the potential for damage.  Our landscapes are all designed with drainage in mind so that you don’t have to worry about this issue.

  • Final Grade
  • Driveway/Road Grading
  • Drainage Solutions – French Drains
  • Footer Excavation
  • Drainage culvert repair/replacement

Grading Services

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