2 Major Energy Saving Benefits of Landscaping

bunnyIt’s time to start planning – Gardening can be so rewarding.  

Just being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine can be therapeutic. Since we are so fortunate to own property here in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains, take time to walk outdoors and soak in all the beauty that surrounds us….

Designing and planting a landscape plan can be a daunting and somewhat overwhelming task for some. Let Mountain View Landscaping & Design enhance that beauty with an incredible outdoor living space….

Energy Saving Benefits of Landscaping

Sustainable Landscapes is becoming increasingly popular in an effort to reduce dependence on water, create low maintenance and limit use of chemicals while saving energy.

Planning & Design provides direction & guidance to address water and energy conservation strategies while still obtaining beauty in the landscape.

Natural gardens can be tricky to maintain and still meet our aesthetic desires. Most clients today want beautiful and eco- sensitive outdoor spaces but want it to be manageable.

Generally sustainable landscapes are designed around function, however the trend is moving towards them also being very aesthetically pleasing. Proper plant selection is crucial to a long healthy and sustainable landscape.

Understanding the planting site itself, the soil type, light, moisture level, exposure to the elements and space is critical to choosing plants that will thrive.
Alternative Lawns Looking for something different? Lush green lawns are traditional, but many of you may be looking for alternatives which are often more sustainable.

Alternative lawns require less water and are less time consuming to maintain.  Interestingly enough grass is NOT the only option for creating a nice lawn.

Creeping thyme is one of the best low growing ground covers. It requires little help to rapidly fill in bare spots or to grow in between rocks or along borders.

Another great alternative is Chamomile which doesn’t require regular mowing, fertilizing or edging.  It’s also ideal in areas where mower access is a challenge and foot traffic is minimal.

There are many options that we would love to discuss with you …. Some provide color, some are fragrant and many others require little to no maintenance.

MVLD, Inc is certified in Energy Saving Landscapes Contact our office to schedule a free consultation for Energy Saving options for your property.

  Energy Saving Benefits