Do you charge for estimates?

“Do you give free estimates or do you charge?”

We are always willing to listen to your landscaping problems, challenges or concerns and to offer thoughtful advice and recommendations to help you – at no-charge either over the phone or by email.

And if you need additional help, we can schedule a ‘site walkthrough’ for you, which is an on-site analysis of your planned project and evaluation of your property.

This initial one-hour consultation and visit is (almost) always free. 

Overall, site walkthroughs are extremely useful because:

  • Walkthroughs can help you share your dreams and desires with our team of professionals.
  • An on-site walkthrough lets you be more proactive when it comes to helping us design the best outdoor space for your needs.
  • A walkthrough also allows us to closely examine your property for any potential problems or hazards that could endanger you or reduce your property values.

And finally, scheduling an on-site walkthrough will help us give you a more accurate quote on any landscaping or construction work – as well as give you more constructive feedback and create better landscape designs.

This means you can stretch your landscaping budget much further based on smart decisions you make using the detailed and properly documented information we will give you.

Getting a professional evaluation and quote done by us, instead of just an off-the-cuff “estimate” can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars because an “estimate” is what a landscaper thinks your job will cost based on their past experience.

And an estimate is not a firm offer to do the work at that price. Frankly, estimates are really experienced ‘guesses’ or just a ‘ballpark figure’.

A quote is a solid offer to do a specific job at a specific price in writing.

A written quote usually includes:

  • A detailed description of what specific work we will do for you,
  • Our labor costs, plus the cost of the plants and other materials,
  • The cost of your landscape design, plans and/or engineered blueprints.
  • And a realistic estimate of how long the project should take (barring bad weather and other unforeseen issues).

We work hard to make sure that our quotes are as accurate as possible but if any unexpected problems do occur (and make changes to your project necessary), we will immediately contact you, especially during the construction or installation stage.

If you would like to discuss your next landscaping project or get a free garden consultation, we invite you to > contact us here.