What is Garden Coaching?


What is Garden Coaching?

Garden Consultation & Coaching

What is Garden Coaching?

An eye-catching lawn or garden always starts with a good plan. And garden coaching is often done by an experienced landscape designer who can help you make the most of your garden or yard.

Just like a personal trainer, mentor or business coach, a garden coach can create a well-thought out plan that can enchance the beauty of your home (and build resale value) while improving your everyday quality of life.

Here at MVLD, our professional landscape designers can help you fix any troublesome lawn and garden problems as well as guide (and explain in plain English) the complete landscape design and installation process.

We can help you with just about anything:

  • Informal Plant/Garden Layouts & Advice
  • Traditional Landscape Plans
  • 3D Renderings & Perspective Drawings
  • Construction Plans & Detailed Drawings
  • Documentation needed for HOA’s Submissions
  • Plans to Increase the resale value of your property

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