How much do you charge for landscape design?

How much do you charge for a landscape design?

If you are thinking about having some landscaping design work done, one of the first things you will naturally think about is the cost.

So first, let’s talk about how much does a residential landscape design really cost?

Our design fees project varies depending on the size, scope and other factors unique to each project.

That being said, we can always tailor our landscape designs to fit your budget.

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However, the real question is – do you really need a professional landscape design done?

It depends.

If your outdoor project includes any of heavy-duty landscape construction such as patios, pergolas, terraces or steps down steep embankments, then paying for a qualified professional to create a landscape design would be a wise investment.

Not to mention, a landscape design can increase your home’s resale value with the use of strategically selected plants and garden features.

A landscape design can be a very useful tool:

  • It can act as a roadmap and guide to help refine your vision,
  • It can help accurately determine the costs of your project,
  •  It can help select the best plants and make sure they are installed with the right light exposure,
  • It can help determine if any engineered drawings, blueprints or construction permits are required,
  • It can help plan for critical details such as your site’s slopes, utility lines, or city/county codes.

Planning out such details requires time and expertise.

Without a landscape design from a qualified professional who can spend hours planning out all of these details for you, you can easily end up with an over-budget plan that can turn your project into a nightmare instead of a relaxing outdoor space.

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