When can you give me an estimate?

“Will you give me an estimate for my project during the initial consultation?”

No. Now this might seem a bit odd to some people since we are already walking the grounds with you…

…So why don’t we just pull the trigger to get things started by giving you an estimate while we are already there with you?

Why not give a ballpark figure (an off-the-cuff number) right then?

Over the years we have learned that “shooting from the hip” like this (to pun a phrase) can cause our clients a great of trouble in the long run.

Bad ballpark figures often lead you to underestimate the actual cost and time it takes to complete a project safely.

We feel that you deserve the very best landscaping help and advice we can give you.

And this means we have to take a small amount of time to not only listen to you but to make detailed notes, ask you specific questions and even take pictures.

We do all this to make certain that we understand exactly what you want, and so we know exactly what we need to do to help you.

Once we return to our office, we will start doing research to find just the RIGHT designs, plants and organic materials to use for your project.

We work hard to find the best quality materials for each job – at the very best prices.

Once we have a draft plan for your project and a solid handle on all the plants, labor and installation costs, we will present you with a realistic estimate by email, phone or in-person as quickly as possible.

Often times, we can get a solid estimate to you even faster — within a couple of days, if no landscape design work is involved.

We do things this way because we don’t want our estimates to be as close as possible to your final project quote…

…We don’t believe in hidden fees, undisclosed costs or sneaky markups.

If you would like to discuss your next landscaping project or get a free garden consultation, we invite you to > contact us here.