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Topsoil, Compost & Fill Dirt
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Did you know that there is a fundamental difference between compost and mulch? People often confuse them or think they are one and the same.

Compost is full of nutrients and is added into the soil to feed your plants, flowers and shrubs. Mulch on the other hand is a layer of organic materials placed on TOP of the soil to act a protective barrier.

Our Best Mushroom Compost – this makes a wonderful soil conditioner, especially when an alkaline component is needed.

Topsoil & Fill Dirt

Both topsoil and fill dirt can be great products to use on your property, but each have their individual uses.

Topsoil is a nutrient-rich material that is full of organic matter. Because of this, topsoil is a much better option for growing plants than fill dirt because plants can root, grow, and thrive in the more spacious material of topsoil.

Fill dirt on the other hand, is a natural material used to fill in holes or depressions in the ground or backfill for retaining walls or to create earth mounds that would change the elevation or grade of an existing area.


Our topsoil is a screened high quality planting soil, with a high concentration of organic material that is perfect for amending your regular garden soil and to use for plant installations in your landscape.

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Fill Dirt

Fill dirt does not contain any organic matter and instead is primarily composed of sand, clay, gravel, or a combination of the three. People often use fill dirt for stability.

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