How to personalize your backyard by building a stone walkway


Walkways and paths provide you with a practical way of connecting and moving easily between two locations.

Still, a well-made walkway can be both functional and beautiful.

And when you have a walkway that is also well-designed, it can stand up to years of foot traffic and weather as well as enhance the natural beauty of your yard and compliment the look of your home.

But frequently we are called on to help people who have spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, trying to do projects that were a bit too much for them.


DIY projects often just don’t give you the results you want or expect!

This is why building a stone walkway using a professional landscaping and design company can save you a great deal of money and hassle.

Why spend money on the same project twice?

Hiring a landscape professional not only minimizes construction hassles and headaches, but a good designer can incorporate your preferences and personal tastes in regards to  colors, style, materials (stone, concrete or brick) and placement of the finished walkway.

For example, read on to see how a landscape professional builds a natural stone walkway.

Professionally Built Stone Walkways & Paths


Designing a functional but visually appealing path first starts with selecting the style of path, which can range from a natural looking country stone pattern to a more standard stepping stone pattern.

Next your landscaper will lay out the desired width, shape and length of path using stakes and string as guides.

Then they will remove the sod and dig down deep to remove the extra soil to create the base of the path.

Next, they will lay down a layer of gravel or crushed rock, tamping it down to compact it.

Then, they will apply a “leveling course” by covering the gravel or rock with 1 to 2 inches of fine sand.

Once that is done, they will laying the pathway stones, fitting each stone close together like placing a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

Now this is the part when your landscaper’s years of experience and know-how can save you a lot of time and headaches: each stone has to be set as flat and level as possible.

Poorly constructed pathways can become uneven and dangerous to walk on over time.

Here at Mountain View Landscaping, we apply a special type of sand that is swept into the joints between the stones to hold them in place.

Due to the Western North Carolina micro-climate, we don’t use mortar. Large or thick stepping stones will typically stay in place using poly-sand without the need for any other setting agent.