I already have a landscape design, can you install it for me?

Garden concept plans by University of Michigan

“What if I already have a landscape design, can you install it?”

“A landscape architect has already created a landscape design for my property, can you help me?”

Of course. But we will have to do an on-site walk-through of your property in order to give you an accurate quote on the installation costs because it is someone else’s design.

We need to do things this way because this project is kind of like a different doctor offering to step in and perform a routine operation, but they have never met the patient before; so they don’t know much about the patient’s medical history yet.

The site walk-through allows us to get some background and understand exactly what you want and need.

But don’t worry; we have worked with a lot of landscape architects and know how to interpret their designs, so we are get your project up and running very quickly – faster than you might think.

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