Landscaping Services, Waynesville, NC

Landscaping Services, Waynesville, NC

“Let Our Landscaping Services Transform Your Outdoor Spaces Into an Oasis while Building Your Home’s Value”


“You are relaxing outside on your new patio watching the setting sun as it slowly eases behind the mountain ridges in the distance.

The fading sunlight paints the sky in twilight shades of blues, and purples.

A soothing breeze teases the tops of the cheerful flowers and shrubs planted along the sides of your terrace as Night comes to the Smokies.

You are sitting comfortably in your chair, glass in hand mesmerized by the sunset and quiet beauty of your mountain garden…


Landscaping Services


…While you listen to the muted voices and laughter of your family and friends sitting around your custom-built fire pit out back.

You can see the light from your custom built fire pit, as it sends dancing waves of color out across the closing night – and then it suddenly hits you…

You realize that you are happy – relaxed and at peace – for the first time in a a good, long while.

You lean back and smile because you understand this is what an outdoor living space is really all about…fun, family and friends.

While you might have landscaped for your own enjoyment, you also know that you’ve made a good investment, too.

You remember how everyone laughed when you told them you were going to hire a professional landscaping service to help you design your yard — but now they ALL want a beautiful garden like yours.


“Retaining walls can give your property more usable outdoor space.”


Landscaping Services

“A professional landscape design can give you a more attractive place for entertaining and relaxing”


 “Are You Ready to Have the Landscape or Garden of Your Dreams?”

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A Professional Landscaping Services Company

Here at Mountain View Landscaping & Design, we understand that your property is a big investment. And creating a beautiful garden or yard can help hold and actually increase the value of your home.

This is why today more than ever, having a knowledgeable, landscape professional to help and advise you is essential.


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“Why Hiring a Pro Landscape Service Saves You Time, Work & Stress?”

A professional landscaper can successfully design and select just the right plants, shrubs for your property — and place them for maximum impact.

As a full service landscape company — with plenty of construction experience, here are 7 ways we can help you:

  • Build practical yet pretty walkways, steps & paths,
  • Create relaxing outdoor features like pavilions and patios,
  • Install perennial and/or seasonal plant beds and gardens,
  • Construct sturdy retaining walls to increase your usable outdoor space,
  • Build scenic entertainment spaces for your friends & family,
  • Create CAD and 3D landscape designs that can increase the beauty and value of your home


Landscaping Services - Waynesville, NC.

  • We offer free consultations by email or over the phone for all our services. 
  • We will provide you with a realistic quote — one you can bank on.
  • We can also schedule an on-site needs assessment — to walk your property with you, so that we can create just the right landscaping design for you.
  • We can create a beautiful yet affordable landscape design that not only suits your property, but also fulfills your dreams of a more comfortable (and functional ) outdoor space.

“No job is too small. Let us transform any bare, dull spot on your property into an oasis”

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