MVLD Clothing & Apparel for Sale


Did you know that the colors silver and black have been one of more successful color schemes in professional sports?

Ten championship teams have worn silver and black to victory:

  • 5 pro basketball,
  • 3 pro football,
  • 2 hockey

Okay, we admit we don’t really pay much attention to hockey around here…but the point is that they won!

And you can be a winner too!

Show off your preference for silver and black with our Mountain View Landscaping & Design (MVLD) knit caps, t-shirts, and hoodies.

You probably know a special person who would love to have a piece or two of MVLD-branded clothing item. Maybe that special person is you?

We have everything in stock, already for you to get your silver & black winning streak on.

You can come by the office at 182 Richland St. Suite #11 (near downtown Waynesville NC) to check out our gear, or call us at (828) 734-8643 or drop us an email to place your order.

NOTE: Shipping and handling charges will be added if you want your purchases shipped.


MVLD Clothing & Apparel

The Heavyweight Pullover
Retail – $45.00
Available S/M/L/XXL

Long Sleeve Beefy Tee 
Retail – $30.00
(Red or Black)

Sport Tec T-shirt 
Retail – $25.00
(Red or Black)

Cotton Tee
Retail – $20.00
(Red or Black)

Flex Fit Ball Cap
Retail – $20.00
S/M and L/XL

Knit Beanie
Retail – $20.00