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 It’s no secret that there are a lot of people out there claiming to be “landscapers”.

Some do good work, and others not so much.

And there are still others who build landscape features that can become downright dangerous!

So no matter what an ad or a website might say, the two most pressing questions, you as a home or commercial property owner always want to know are:

Can I trust them to do the job right?

And what will my yard or property look like after they are gone?

At Mountain View Landscaping & Design, we understand your concerns.

This is why we invite you to check out the photographs of some of our finished landscapes above or go browse our project gallery below on this page. They are the visual proof of our work.

You can easily see what our landscape designs and yard/garden projects look like after we are done.

But of course, you’re free to decide for yourself…just read what other people like you have said about us…






We can offer you a wide range of landscaping services including design, lawn & garden maintenance as well as stonework, patios, walkways, terraces and retaining walls. Here are just a few of our signature projects.

Landscaping (Greenscaping)


Landscape Design Projects: Before & After


Retaining Walls


Gardens & Curb Appeal


Stone Steps & Staircases


Patios, Fire Pits, Water Features & Outdoor Living Spaces


Paths, Walkways & Driveways


Lawn Care & Mowing


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 Adding Curb Appeal with Stone Steps & Better Landscaping


Turn a Mountain into an Manageable Hill – Increase Your Usable Outdoor Area


How  to Create Beautiful Raised Planting Beds with Landscape Timbers 


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